Auckland, NZ – As more people get vaccinated against COVID-19 in New Zealand, different types of questions keep popping up regarding its safety when mixed with other treatments/drugs, including Botox. While no official government reports are stating that individuals can’t get Botox before/after being vaccinated, Beautiphi, is on the mission of educating its clients to make informed decisions. However, there have been reports of adverse reactions from patients with dermal fillers, a different cosmetic procedure to Botox. 

Beautiphi offers Botox in Auckland, a natural purified protein that relaxes wrinkle-causing muscles, to create a rejuvenated, youthful, and natural-looking appearance. The active ingredient in Botox is derived from bacteria, just like penicillin is derived from mold. Since Botox doesn’t involve the introduction of a foreign substance, unlike fillers, visiting the clinic for a session will not have any major side effects on the client. 

While there haven’t been any negative reports regarding Botox and the COVID-19 vaccine, the team at Beautiphi  recognizes that each client responds differently to the vaccine. This is the reason they offer extensive consultations to discover their goals, the medical history of a client, and any other issues that may arise before/during/after a Botox session. 

With this information, the team determines if a client is eligible for a Botox for face procedure that treats frown lines, bunny lines, crow’s feet, gummy smiles, grumpy face lines, chin buckling, TMJ, excessive sweating, and neck bands. As a prescription-only medicine and treatment, the well-trained and qualified medical professional at Beautiphi  uses a fine needle to inject Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin into selected facial muscles. 

Besides Botox, Beautiphi offers fillers for cheeks, lips, cheekbones, hands, nose, face, and temple. They also treat clients with damaged and dull-looking skin using dermal needling, skin peels, plasma, nutrition, weight loss, and other treatment methods. Additionally, they offer threads, grooming, and PRP treatments. 

With the knowledge that Botox procedures vary, the team at the Auckland skincare clinic take the time to educate and empower each client on what to expect, including what Botox is, the duration of the results, potential side effects, other forms of Botox, and any personalized concerns a client may have. The COVID-19 vaccine is rapidly evolving, and the scientific community continues to study its effects on the body as well as other cosmetic treatments in New Zealand. For this reason, the team at Beautiphi  constantly keep tabs with the discoveries to ensure that all their patients are safe. 

To schedule a Botox consultation, call +64 22 383 7968. Beautiphi is located at 2c/1 Tika Street, Auckland and at Nelson, 1052, New Zealand. To learn more about the Botox treatments they offer, visit the skincare clinic’s website.

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