Instead of losing weigh have you ever thought about what the benefits are of having less food. It is true that having less food have number of benefits. They are:

You Look Younger:

As you eat less that means you intake lesser calories, which is beneficial for the hormones. This might be related to the food like fried, junked food, and cholesterol-lade food. Having all these kinds of food also affects your reproductive and sexual hormones. All these hormones are responsible for giving you vitality and vigor that helps you to enhance your appearance to younger.

Having lesser food also helps to improve your digestive system and also helps to reduce you to remove your toxin substance. This will help your cells to carry out other important repairing work.  This helps you to protect against aging skin that is done by regeneration the tighter tissue. That means if you eat less you might look younger.

You Become More Energetic:

As said earlier that if you intake lesser food that means lesser calories. Body need to take care of every scrap food that you take. Your digesting system is automatically increasing the absorption of nutrition and helps you to avoid the unwanted consumption of fats. That means if you don’t have unwanted fats then you are more energetic. This also effects on your day-to-day life. You would obviously feel more energetic if you intake less calories.

You Are Free From Disease:

You might not know that your body gets disease as you eat more and more junked food. It does not affect the external part of your body, but the internal part of the body. When your body fails to get rid of toxins then your body gets disease. The toxins increase when we eat more food. As the digestive system of our body get affected. This in turn effects on stress and hypertension. This also affects the body and also affects the immunity power of your body. Therefore, eating lesser will help you to increase your digestive system and helps you from toxin substance, and because of which you get rid of harmful diseases.

You Become Smarter:

Many medical researchers have proven that if you eat less your brain proportionally become sharper.  This also helps to increase your overall IQ level. There are many cultures that still follow this. As if you take lesser food it helps to sharpen your brain, whereas if you take heavier food that make your brain work slow, because you automatically become lame after eating heavier food.

It Also Helps In Saving Money:

It is obvious that if you eat less you are indirectly saving money. If you eat less you get less disease that means you are saving money on doctor visits. You indirectly become eco-friendly when you eat less food. You directly save money of vegetable by not wasting it and save money too.

This is how having lesser food helps you in number of ways and also helps you financially too. So, let’s take the benefits of eating less.

By Arlene Huff

Arlene Huff is the founding member of Golden State Online. Before that She was a general assignment reporter. A native Californian, she graduated from the University of California with a degree in medical anthropology and global health. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

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