If there is a case of bleeding during pregnancy in a pregnant woman in her following trimester then it is advised to get monitored for any bleeding and any of warning signs that could happen. The expectant mother would be furthermore being intravenously ordered for blood and other fluids.

The unusual heath status will be kept under close inspection for any bothered symptoms. Its therapy of course will be made according to the reason the bleeding during pregnancy occurred and on the expectant mother’s fetal age and condition.

Placenta Previa

  • Cesarean or C-section child birth (term called for Surgical delivery of the baby) is the suggested way for the birth of the child.
  • In the situation of either fetal or maternal harm because of severe blood loss occurrence then C-section delivery will be carried out urgently.
  • When the expectant mother is facing convulsions then she will be given venous medications for stopping and reducing the convulsions.
  • In case of gestational phase below 36 weeks and the blood loss is not that acute the mother should be hospitalized for supervising, observing the fetal repetitive blood count and heart rate checks for the finding whether anemia is not present. Prescription is advised that will help in lung maturation of the infant. At the time of 36th week in gestation, the surgeon will gauge fetal lung execution and even the C-section birth can be carried out.
  • Almost everywhere C-section is carried out for the risk of severe blood loss and danger to on the fetus by usual vaginal delivery. When the placenta is placed closed it won’t cover the cervix then usual delivery will be carried out, however, this happens in very rare situation.

Note: Even in C-section birth process, there is blood loss up to 3 pints.

Placental Abruption

  • Vaginal or normal childbirth is always the preferred way whereas C-section delivery is considered only in an emergency situation.
  • In a situation of immense blood loss and fetal or maternal life in danger then the C-section delivery will be instantly carried out.
  • If the unborn in 36 weeks old and above, its mother will experience a fast and controlled perfect delivery.  The Mother will be given venous prescriptions for rising the effectiveness and intensity of the uterine convulsions.
  • When the bleeding during pregnancy occurs and the fetal life’s age is below 36 week and if the blood loss in not that severe then mother will be hospitalized for scrutiny and the unborn heart rate will be monitored along with cyclic blood count examination of finding anemia presence.

Uterine Rupture:

  • If the condition of ruptured uterus is fatal then C-section delivery is performed immediately.
  • Uterine can also be removed.
  • The mother will require blood transfusion.

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