California State University offers students the opportunity to step on to the campus and become an immediate part of the Bakersfield community. Individual growth and development combined with the core programs are designed to create well-rounded and educated students ready to graduate and begin a lifelong career in giving back to the community.

Four main faculties are available for students to choose from offering students a diverse group of programs through the Arts and Humanities faculty, Business and Public Administration, Natural Sciences, Math and Engineering and Social Sciences and Education. Throughout the diverse range of programs, students are faced with a wide variety of options for their future career.

Extensive Graduate Studies Programs are offered through California State University, Bakersfield with more than twenty-three options available for students in the programs ranging from master’s in education programs to master’s in health care management.

Financial Information

Students are given access to flexible repayment plans throughout the year that includes payments required for each quarter. Though students are able to pay for the entire year in advance, paying for each quarter can provide the financial flexibility students need.

The average cost of undergraduate programs at University of California, Bakersfield is $7,213 including state university and campus based fees. For Graduate programs at Bakersfield the annual fees are $8,599 including both the state and campus based fees. These programs offer the students affordable and quality university education, lower than the median range of private schools in the state.

To offset the cost of the education students are able to get need based funding through traditional student loans, which can be offset through the multiple scholarships available through California State University at Bakersfield.

At Bakersfield, students are encouraged to become part of the community, taking part in activities and events that are designed to integrate the student into the community and into college life. Students can learn about college specific scholarships through the STARS program (Scholarship Tracking and Review System) enabling the student to learn about scholarships available, apply for scholarships and track the application process of the scholarships that have been applied for. Scholarship applications are available to students between the annual period of February 1 to March 15.

Student Life

The innovative housing features found through Bakersfield enable the student to take part in Living Learning Communities, where students are grouped together in housing cooperatives that share major interests in education and other aspects of their life. Students searching for housing options that fit into one of these three communities can get the most from the University housing experience – and can choose from The Sociology Floor, the Nursing Floor or the First Year Experience to assist students with the transition into college life.

Student housing options are focused on providing the student with a community feel – where students are encouraged to take part in community events to enrich the education received at University of California Bakersfield.

For students seeking an education that is going to provide a focus on the core education programs and the combination of community learning, University of California Bakersfield can provide students with an inviting and educating university experience.

By Arlene Huff

Arlene Huff is the founding member of Golden State Online. Before that She was a general assignment reporter. A native Californian, she graduated from the University of California with a degree in medical anthropology and global health. She currently lives in Los Angeles.