At California State University, Chico students are engaged with professors and instructors to enhance the education with challenges and tasks that can help the student to reach their full potential through the program that has been chosen. Aside from award winning student programs, outcomes and grants for the University, Chico students are heavily recruited throughout various fields, ensuring a high level of job placement once the education has been completed.

Academics and Degree Programs

Diverse programs are designed to meet the needs of all students entering the program at California State University, Chico. From Music to Nutrition and everywhere in between students can choose the program that suits their career goals and expectations for their education. There are more than fifty department programs available to students, allowing the student to major or minor in topics that suit their interests.

The colleges at California State University Chico include; Agriculture, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Business, Communication and Education, Engineering, Computer and Construction Management, Humanities and Fine Arts, Natural Sciences, Graduate Studies and Regional and Continuing Education.

Students interested in graduate degree programs through Chico can choose from more than twenty-five programs that include intensive work experience through field work and labs, preparing the student for their career through research in the field.

Financial Information

Students at Chico seeking financing for their education can find the options they need to finance the education, whether these options are scholarships, grants or federal student loans based on need.

Scholarships are available to Cal State University, Chico students based on financial need, scholastic excellence, outstanding achievements, and active affiliation with certain organizations and educational goals for students. Students should submit the scholarship applications in December and ensure that the eligibility requirements are met. Specialized scholarships are available for students, based solely on financial need, available to students that have applied for Federal Student aid – decreasing the stress that comes with paying for the finances.

Students can offset the funding through the work study program that pairs students with work opportunities throughout the campus. Students can use the tools to search the current job listings, compare the job listings for the requirements and follow the instructions for the work study jobs available to supplement the income.

Student Life

Students can take advantage of the residential campus that comes with the latest in technology, ensuring that students are taught a high work ethic and real-life curriculum to enhance the university experience.

Through the focus on community and volunteering to improve the campus and community of Chico, students are encouraged to contribute to the 60,000+ hours of volunteer work completed by students.

Ranked sixth among the America’s Best Colleges report in 2011, students can experience the college experience that focuses on community when they make the choice to attend California State University, Chico.

Students can occupy themselves on campus through the many organizations and clubs that take on membership. Cultural organizations, honorary organizations, general sororities and fraternities, sports clubs and special interest organizations are only a few of the options that students can choose from to enrich the university experience.

By Arlene Huff

Arlene Huff is the founding member of Golden State Online. Before that She was a general assignment reporter. A native Californian, she graduated from the University of California with a degree in medical anthropology and global health. She currently lives in Los Angeles.