Houston, Texas – Not only does a good credit score open many doors for individuals who want to achieve their financial dreams, it also makes it easier to rent a house, buy a home, purchase vehicles, start a business, and apply for loans. To help the residents of Houston develop strong credit profiles is Credit Innovation Group’s goal. It’s a company on a mission to encourage individuals to take the first step towards having the perfect credit score by educating them on credit and what it means to build credit. 

Credit Innovation Group is a team of highly trained, qualified, and experienced credit specialists who are well versed in financial systems and credit score-building strategies. Since the inception of the company, the specialists have been instrumental in helping thousands of their clients build their credit profiles by offering a variety of products, services, and in person counsel when needed. This approach has led the company to receive many 5-star reviews, positive testimonials, and a track record of satisfied clients. 

Clients who sign up with Credit Innovation Group have access to CIG in Houston, an app that connects you to your personal credit specialist and offers guidance and insight on the credit building process. The app also allows the members to receive updates regarding their credit profiles and a guide on how to be approved for credit accounts. 

Credit Innovation Group has a simple credit improvement map that manages a client’s credit by helping them understand items that negatively affect their credit scores, including repossessions, late payments, foreclosures, bankruptcies, collections, and charge-offs. Once those have been identified and removed, the specialists focus on helping their clients build positive credit by adding new accounts or optimizing their current credit accounts. This step guides the client to  get new credit cards and/or become an authorized user, adjust credit utilization, restructure their student loans, and get a credit-builder account. When a client has been successful at the first two steps, they can reap good credit benefits, including better car insurance, personal loans, new vehicles, and more. 

Credit Innovation Group also has a wide range of products that clients find useful as they build their credit profiles. They have a credit ninja that manages misleading items on credit card reports to improve a client’s credit, a rent reporting partnership that boosts credit scores, and a student loan ninja that restructures student loan debts to make them more affordable. They also offer a cash flow accelerator to organize debts and budgets, a score watcher, and CIG rewards. 

As a client-centered company, the specialists at Credit Innovation Group are passionate about educating their clients. They do this by writing insightful articles on various topics, including different types of credit accounts, financial stress, and smart money moves to make, among others. 

Get a free consultation from Credit Innovation Group in Houston by calling (281) 768-7163. They are located at 1010 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002, United States. For any inquiries about the services they offer, visit their website for more information. 

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