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Jensen Family Law in Scottsdale AZ impacts couples’ lives by addressing divorce/separation issues, drafting legal documents for child custody/support, and offering mediation services. 

Family lawyers handle divorce cases, spousal support, child custody/support, grandparents’ rights, prenuptial agreements, adoption, guardianship, change of names, and other issues that affect families. Jensen Family Law in Scottsdale AZ has over 30 years of experience practicing and understands the stress and frustration of complex family dynamics. The law firm comprises a team of experienced attorneys who provide compassionate, professional, honest, and aggressive legal representation to put clients at ease and protect their legal rights. By taking a precise and impartial approach, they eliminate one-size-fits-all solutions and find personalized resolutions to simple and complicated problems. 

Divorce/separation is an emotionally charged time for spouses, children, and family members, necessitating parenting plans, legal documents, terms, and modifications to avoid costly mistakes or interpersonal conflicts. When couples are in a contested divorce situation, they are unable/unwilling to agree on important decisions that affect their futures, properties, or children. Contested divorces take time to resolve and are, therefore, more expensive. While some divorce cases end in court battles, most couples go through an uncontested divorce to organize their issues through mediation, compromise, or other agreements. A couple’s approach to their divorce attorneys impacts their ability to negotiate decisions together, maintain a cordial relationship, and save resources. 

Jensen Family Law in Scottsdale AZ guides clients through contested and uncontested divorce proceedings. The attorneys’ goal is to keep the peace between both parties even when the opposing spouse becomes combative, abusive, suspect, or unwilling to accommodate amicable solutions. They list the divorce requirements before creating paperwork, proving fault, filing a petition, requesting temporary hearing orders, or filing a consent decree of dissolution of marriage. As premier divorce lawyers, the firm represents high net-worth clients with businesses or huge assets. They advocate for entrepreneurs, doctors, dentists, and many more with real estate/personal property, retirement accounts, money, stock, bank accounts, and other community property. 

Spouses desiring to get a divorce without the tedious court process can contact the law firm for divorce mediation. It enables the parties to take control of their lives by encouraging self-reliance and self-determination. A mediator helps parties understand each other’s interests, identify/avert future disputes, and create constructive conflict resolution tactics. Additionally, the attorneys draft/modify child support/custody agreements, stipulate alimony conditions, and facilitate military divorce proceedings. Click here to follow Jensen Family Law in Scottsdale AZ on all social media platforms. 

In a child custody/support agreement, the law firm includes a parenting plan, a legal document that outlines how a couple wants to raise their children after divorce/separation. It addresses healthcare, living arrangements, travel, vacations/holidays/special days, education, time with grandparents/family, and other parenting issues. The plan ensures the best possible scenario for all parties involved by setting clear guidelines and expectations, easing the children’s lives, and maintaining consistency. 

To schedule a consultation, call 4805811650. Jensen Family Law in Scottsdale AZ is located at 7702 East Doubletree Ranch Road #336, Scottsdale, AZ, 85258, US. 

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