FirstMedInc is quickly transforming perceptions and the treatment of Covid-19 with its fast-effective Ivermectin medication. The Iverheal 12 branded drug comes in dosages of 12mg loaded in Aluminum strips that hold 10 tablets. FirstMedInc Ivermectin is manufactured by Healing Pharma. A single pack loaded with 10 x 12mg tablets sells for as low as 1000 THB. The demand for Ivermectin in Thailand is driven by decades of safe usage in humans, and thousands of positive case studies showing it’s incredible effects in helping the ill. On top of its ability to end the covid pandemic and mitigate the underlying risks, WHO has listed Ivermectin in the category of Essential Medicines with safe use for over 30 years with very limited side effects.

Ivermectin is classified as an LC broad-spectrum antiparasitic drug with the potential to destroy a wide spectrum of parasites. The drug was initially designed for killing worms found in dogs and cats. In humans, the drug has also been successfully used to treat river blindness and acute childhood eosinophilic meningoencephalitis. Its usage in the fight against SAR-COV-2 is a new phenomenon. 

The number of pharmacies stocking Ivermectin in Thailand is rising. Besides Bangkok, other pharmacies ordering the covid medicine are located in Khon Kaen, Chiang Mai, and Udon Thani. Low-cost, animal-grade Ivermectin is available on Shoppee and Lazada and is usually shipped from China. However, the quality of the medication is lower than the human-grade alternative. The latter is also being used to cover emergencies. Another powerful drug stocked by FirstMedInc is hydroxychloroquine, which has joined the covid trials queue. 

Scientists William Campbell and Satoshi Omura are celebrated for developing the highly beneficial Ivermectin drug. For this feat, the two were jointly issued the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology for 2015. As of now, FirstMedInc has only brought a few shipments of Ivermectin to cover growing demand in Thailand. Other supplies they have seen a surge in sales include gloves and PPE for enhanced safety. Shipments take between 3 to 4 business days. For urgent requirments, buyers can request express shipping. The drug is sold in Thailand over-the-counter because it is safe and does not need a prescription. That said, Online prescriptions can be organized with Hong Kong-based doctors if required.

Ivermectin has a long checkered history. Although many vaccine manufacturers with vested interest have tried to vilify and even overlook Ivermectin potency, its efficiency has seen millions of people buy, take and store the drug. The drug has been widely studied with dozens of Covid-19 peer-reviewed trials posted on respected publications and online.

FirstMedInc office is situated at Austin Avenue Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong. FirstMedInc has a warehouse in Chiang Mai from where Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine orders are packed and distributed across Thailand. Buyers are free to make inquiries online through the website.

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