Austin, TX – Austin is multiplying, opening up opportunities for people from the US and worldwide to visit or explore. Iglesia Cristiana en Austin has created a spiritual movement in the city to impact believers beyond where they live. The church’s leadership is committed to bringing the good news of salvation to the communities of Austin, Cedar Park, and surrounding areas in Texas, allowing the residents to cultivate a genuine relationship with the Lord. 

To accomplish its purpose, the leadership has emphasized training believers in discipleship and evangelism using Christ-like commandments, beliefs, and doctrines. As a Christian church dedicated to spreading the love of Jesus Christ, Iglesia Cristiana en Austin teaches the word of the Lord frankly so as not to confuse the words of the man and that of God. The leadership understands that believers aren’t at the same stage of life, which is why they have different programs to encourage the spiritual growth of children, men, and women of all ages. 

There are classes and activities for children designed to help them believe in Jesus Christ and be His disciples at an early age. The teachers use simple, clear, and straightforward concepts that can be understood easily by children, pre-teens, and teenagers. Their Sunday services provide an environment conducive for believers to worship the Savior from the depth of their hearts. With biblical songs and praises, believers can express their love and fidelity to the Lord, after which they’re taken through sermons/preaching that helps them grow their faith in God. Iglesia Cristiana en Español en Austin invests a lot in the women’s group. The leadership desires for them to grow spiritually and develop the spiritual gifts that God has placed in their hearts. The church hosts women’s seminars, conferences, and other events encouraging coexistence, fellowship, and spirituality. 

The Christian church has a well-defined doctrine of who Jesus Christ is, His work on the cross, and the written word of God. Since the church operates on biblical principles, the leadership derives sermons from the teachings of Jesus Christ, seeks what the bible says about salvation, and emphasizes the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They also focus on His second coming, discipline within the church, the concept of sin, life after death, and so much more. 

Iglesia Cristiana en Austin follows the model presented in the New Testament, where a church is led by a group of pastors called elders. In this leadership model, the senior pastor has the major but not the only responsibility to teach the word of God. The elders are in charge of facilitating the mission/vision of the church and directing/making decisions about operations. 

Individuals in Austin looking for a Spanish Christian church near them for spiritual guidance can visit Iglesia Cristiana en Austin at 3605 Steck Ave #1128, Austin, TX, 78759, US. For inquiries, call (512) 359-9025 or visit the church’s website. 

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