Sandy Springs, GA: LA LA LASH is a salon offering different eyelash services to the Sandy Springs community. As a results-oriented eyelash studio, it has all the modern facilities, and the professionals are experienced in different niches. In addition to its services, the studio has invested in quality customer service, and each engagement with a potential client is personalized. 

In continuation with the studio tradition of offering good services to its clients, LA LA LASH provides eyelash extensions. Before installing the extensions, the certified professional helps the client determine the best choice based on what they want to achieve with the look. Since the studio also considers the service as a form of art, it involves the client weighing different options such as the length and the volume of the eyelashes. Regardless of the client’s choice, the salon has many premium extensions, and once selected, the professional starts preparations. 

Since the LA LA LASH eyelash extensions are high-end, the application process is well-structured. The professionals take time throughout the process to give clients the best results. In the procedure, the client’s eyelashes are transformed by adding length and volume. Also, in all the extensions, the salon uses high-quality synthetic lashes together with a semi-permanent application for better results and appearances. Despite the process being identical to all clients, the eyelash studio personalizes each step. For example, not all clients have identical eyelashes, and therefore, personalizing each application process gives the best results.  

Besides offering the best eyelash extension offers, the salon has aftercare services. If the client needs any specialized aftercare application, the salon communicates earlier to them for convenience. Like the application process, the aftercare services are personalized based on the eyelashes and the client’s face. If the application does not need any aftercare touchups, the client gets detailed guidance on how to take care of the extended eyelash. Whether it is advising or offering additional touchups, LA LA LASH aims to help the client maintain the extended eyelashes and, more importantly, save money from recurrent and unplanned applications. 

In addition to eyelash extensions, LA LA LASH offers other services. It offers waxing, tanning, tinting, and lash lifting. All four services are done by experienced professionals that are licensed to provide the services. The salon also uses quality products in each case and works hard to give clients value for their money. If a service needs additional procedures or advice, the salon ensures the client gets them in the best time possible. 

The eyelash extension studio has systems that ensure better interactions between the clients and the salon. For example, it is easier for the clients to book sessions through the website or via phone. Also, the salon offers special deals to clients on special occasions. The special offers are often on selected services for a certain period. However, regardless of the service on offer, the professional still gives the client personalized attention.    

Interested clients can call the company at 4043842522. The offices are at 5290 Roswell Rd, Suite M, Sandy Springs. Check the website for more information. 

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Miri Choi
5290 Roswell Rd, Suite M
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