Oceanside, CA – Excess weight suppresses energy and affects the self-esteem of individuals, resulting in health conditions that require extensive medical treatment to correct. At Living Better Healthcare, Inc., a team of experienced chiropractors and specialists utilize evidence-based solutions from start to finish to improve the quality of life of each patient. By providing non-surgical medical treatment and Body Contouring Light Therapy, they neutralize pain, aid in weight loss, and produce lasting results. 

Living Better Healthcare, Inc.’s approach to treatment is more holistic, offering comprehensive plans that integrate multiple forms of therapy to address health issues across the board. With this in mind, they go above and beyond to treat each patient with the highest degree of attention and care. As a facility that values communication, the team believes in being forthcoming and transparent, ensuring that they’re aware of what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, and how their goals can be accomplished. 

Living Better Healthcare, Inc. focuses on providing a range of body contouring therapy plans for patients who desire to lose weight or stubborn fat from different parts of their bodies. To encourage weight loss, the team uses extreme heat, freezing temperatures, or lasers according to cellular destruction to protect the skin and surface tissue. The specialists are also trained to use infrared light and advanced technology during light therapy for weight loss. The infrared light permeates through the surface layers of the skin to interact with the fat layers underneath. This process triggers fat cells to release their contents and become soluble, allowing the body to clear them away as waste particulate.  

Depending on a patient’s goals, the specialists help with non-surgical fat reduction treatments that destroy fat cells, remove pockets of fat, and shape hips, the abdominal area, legs, face, thighs, and bottom. Weight loss contouring encourages inch loss in various parts of the body, improves long-term health, and boosts the immune system. The body contouring and light therapy services are non-invasive and don’t require incisions, stitches, anesthesia, long recovery times, or prescribed medications. Before any treatment, the specialists conduct extensive consultations to understand a patient’s needs. They also offer direct, honest, and realistic opinions a patient may need. 

Dr. Jerry Relth and Dr. David Rowell, the founders of Living Better Healthcare, Inc., have close to a decade of schooling and over 16years of combined experience treating patients in Oceanside. They have helped thousands of patients restore their quality of life, improve sleep, and experience pain relief using chiropractic therapy, body contouring light therapy, and neuropathy. They also offer weight loss service and chiropractor procedures for patients suffering due to neck pain, back pain, knee pain, sciatica, and auto accident injuries. 

To alleviate aches, discomfort, and soreness, call 760-231-1433 to schedule a consultation. Living Better Healthcare, Inc. is located at 2216 S El Camino Real UNIT 202, Oceanside, CA, 92054, US. For any inquiries about their weight loss services, visit the facility’s website. 

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