February 12, 2022 •  ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI –  soQuiet, a nonprofit misophonia advocacy and support organization, is today announcing the launch of a student research grant initiative to help fund research into misophonia, a little-understood sensory disorder.

The grants of up to $1200 each are open to graduate students in the United States who are undertaking research on misophonia as well as misokinesia, a disorder that is similar to misophonia, and other related sensory processing disabilities.

Misophonia is a life-altering but often misunderstood sensory disorder that is considered to be a neurological condition. People with misophonia have abnormally strong emotional and physical reactions to common sounds such as eating sounds, clicking and tapping sounds, and many other everyday noises. A misophonic reaction is involuntary and can feel a bit like a combination of panic, rage, and a need to escape. Misophonia makes many normal situations into unbearable experiences for people with this disorder. Many people with misophonia also experience misokinesia, which is marked by a similar reaction to seeing certain movements such as foot shaking and fingernail chewing.

“Awareness about misophonia is growing, but we still don’t know a lot about it from a medical standpoint. We don’t know what causes misophonia yet. We don’t have published consensus diagnostic criteria for it yet. There aren’t any treatments or medications that have been shown to be effective with misophonia. We hope that these student research grants will help advance our understanding of sensory disorders like misophonia and get us closer to some answers,” said Cris Edwards, the Founder and President of soQuiet.

The grants program will also coincide with the creation of a Scientific Advisory Team for the organization. This team will be composed of experienced researchers who will counsel the organization on the resulting misophonia research projects. 

“Our donors are directly helping the world learn more about misophonia and similar sensory disorders. We are looking forward to promoting the work of student misophonia researchers. We’re really excited to see what the future holds,” added Edwards.

The soQuiet Misophonia Student Research Grant initiative is made possible by a generous donation from the Kent Family and Innovations PSI.

For more information on the soQuiet Misophonia Student Research Grants program, or to apply for a grant under this initiative, please visit their website at www.soquiet.org/grants or email the organization at grants@soquiet.org.

About soQuiet

soQuiet, a tax-exempt nonprofit based in St. Louis, Missouri, offers advocacy, support, and resources for people who suffer from misophonia so that they may lead productive and serene lives.

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Donations can be made on the soQuiet donation page. People with misophonia are also encouraged to request soQuiet’s famous free misophonia cards, which are shipped without cost worldwide.



Cris Edwards

Founder and President, soQuiet


soQuiet, a tax-exempt misophonia advocacy organization


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