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Wolli Creek, NSW – Physiotherapy services are available at Movement 101 for chronic pain, back pain, sports injuries, post-operative injuries, women’s health, and other conditions. The sports injury clinic provides care to persons of all ages suffering from various injuries and pains. They use a variety of modern physiotherapy techniques to get effects that patients can feel right away. Physiotherapy for back pain, knee physiotherapy, and spine physiotherapy are treatments aimed at relieving pain, improving movement, speeding up recovery, and increasing fitness and strength in their patients. ​

Movement 101 does not employ a “one-size-fits-all” strategy. Clients may expect high-quality service, world-class treatment, and an overall conducive environment for a strong recovery, optimal health, and wellness. According to current medical research, exercise and strengthening have the best long-term outcomes for individuals with both acute and chronic pain. As a result, Movement 101 assists clients in better understanding their bodies, being more active, and feeling stronger to live a healthy, injury-free lifestyle.

During a single treatment cycle, the physiotherapy and exercise physiology team can combine the benefits of multiple treatment methods, such as exercise and hands-on therapy, to guide their patients through the three key phases of recovery: Recover, Move, and Live. These phases are critical to long-term recovery for injury or pain relief and treatment and prevention of injury recurrence.

Understanding the patient’s body and healing from their pain and symptoms are at the heart of Recover. This is the first step taken by Movement 101 to assist patients in feeling better sooner. Therefore, they will often see their physiotherapist more frequently for a period of 2-3 weeks. They employ a variety of procedures to achieve benefits that patients can feel from the first visit.

During Phase 2, the specialists concentrate on identifying and treating the patient’s underlying causes of illness. They employ active therapy to help patients feel and move better outside of the consulting room, so they may reach their lifestyle goals without relying on continued treatment. Finally, phase 3 focuses on improving the patient’s overall health and getting them in the best form of their lives. Movement 101 has teamed up with the best local gyms and lifestyle businesses to enable the facility to provide patients with the skills and practices they need to protect their bodies.

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To learn more about Movement 101, visit the facility located at 53/95 Bonar Street, Wolli Creek, NSW, 2205, or contact them via phone at 0295679452. For more information, visit Movement 101 here.

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