As roughly 4,000 Americans die each day from COVID-19, public health and medical experts are aghast that the vaccines that could save them remain beyond reach — due to multiple governmental failures involving planning, coordination and public communication.

“Many people are eager to get the vaccine, and they want to know when and where they are going to get it,” said Dr. Eric Toner, a senior scholar with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. “For the most part, people at the local level don’t know, and people at the state level are still trying to figure it out.”

Calls to doctor offices and pharmacies about vaccines yield no answers, leaving people frustrated and anxious. Emails from doctors’ offices lack specifics. County public health websites may offer the best information, and people in some places can use them to sign up for vaccinations.

Some experts said the situation should vastly improve within a couple of weeks, but for now, most people who want to know more about being vaccinated may just have to wait.

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By Richard Moran

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