SAN JOSE — Santana Row has landed several new merchants, including stores and a restaurant, in a burst of leasing that underscores how the iconic mixed-use center in San Jose has solidified itself as a destination for a wide array of visitors.

A restaurant and a store have just opened, another shop is slated to open next week, and more stores, including a unique digital version of a Nike store, are due to open during 2021, according to Federal Realty, which is the principal owner and developer of Santana Row in western San Jose.

The latest merchants that have signed leases at Santana Row are a reminder that the complex can still find plenty of success even though the coronavirus has ushered in an array of economic uncertainties.

“We are really excited to see these new and emerging brands coming to Santana Row,” said Collette Navarette, director of marketing West Coast for Federal Realty.

Arc’teryx, Nike Live, UGG, Vuori, and Faherty are the new stores at Santana Row. Chika is the new restaurant.

— Chika is a gourmet Mexican rosticeria that opened recently and features a variety of flame-roasted chicken dishes.

— Nike Live is slated to open in 2021. In 2018, the Retail Dive website called Nike Live “the retail concept of the year.” Nike Live attempts to cater to local customers and rotates the stock in the store every two weeks.

— UGG, famed for its sheepskin boots that originated in Australia, recently opened at Santana Row.

— Vuori is a retailer that that offers high-performance apparel geared toward a California lifestyle for people interested in yoga, surfing, sports, music, and art. Vuori plans to open in 2021.

— Faherty, founded by two brothers born and raised in a New Jersey beach town, is a family-operated clothing store for men and women that has scheduled Nov. 2 as its opening day.

— Arc’teryx, which originated in western Canada, offers high-performance outerwear, apparel, and equipment geared towards an outdoor experience.

“We’re incredibly excited about our new Santana Row store, and to join a community that’s home to world-class brands, cutting-edge boutiques, and culinary arts,” said Megan Cheesbvrough, vice president of global retail excellence with Arc’teryx.

The just-opened UGG store is selling more than boots and other footwear. The American retailer is offering bags, clothing, home goods, and outerwear. UGG also hopes to use the Santana Row store to try out new concepts.

“Santana Row is the perfect place to introduce our new Ready-to-Wear collection along with our footwear to showcase a full head-to-toe assortment,” said Gerard Marceda, UGG senior director of retail North America.

In recent years, Santana Row has charged ahead with an attempt to reinvent itself as more than a shopping mall. It has evolved into a mixed-use neighborhood with shops, restaurants, entertainment hubs, hotel facilities, office buildings, and homes.

At Santana Row, Federal Realty has developed new office buildings and landed tech company Splunk as a major office tenant. The developer is also building the adjacent Santana West, which is being marketed as a big new tech campus.

The center also has attempted to parlay its many outdoor areas as a way to bring in customers even in a time of coronavirus restrictions on how businesses can operate.

Santana Row officials say their merchandising strategy with a focus on cutting-edge brands is the foundation of the center’s strategy, a gambit that has been a decade in the making.

“Robust and vibrant retail destinations will be those delivering convenient, innovative, and meaningful ways to come together in a space where everyone can take part,” said Jeffrey Kreshek, senior vice president West Coast leasing with Santana Row.



By Richard Moran

Richard Moran loves to write about sports with the Golden State Online. Before that, he worked as a senior writer at ESPN. Richard grew up in San Diego and graduated from the University of San Diego in 2004, after which he worked as an editor for five years.

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