A judge Friday took under submission a motion by the Church of Scientology to force arbitration of the claims of all but one of a group of women who allege they were stalked and harassed after filing sexual assault allegations against actor Danny Masterson with Los Angeles police.

After hearing arguments, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Steven Kleifield said he will have a written ruling, but did not say when.

In August 2019, plaintiffs Chrissie Carnell Bixler, Bobette Riales and two Jane Does sued the church, its Religious Technology Center, church leader, David Miscavige and Masterson. The actor is a Scientology church member identified in the suit as the ex-boyfriend of all the plaintiffs.

The women allege that strangers turned up around their homes, sometimes looking inside with flashlights. They also maintain their email accounts were compromised and that their credit cards were stolen. They additionally allege that they were followed by other cars while driving and that one of them was forced off the road. They all say their car doors and trunks were mysteriously left wide open.

As to Masterson, the women allege stalking and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Riales is the only plaintiff who is not a former member of the church and the church motions to compel arbitration did not include her. In their motions, the church defendants maintain that as a condition of taking part in Scientology services, Bixler and the two Does agreed in written agreements to resolve through internal arbitration “any dispute, claim or controversy” that could develop between them and the church.