He has been involved in some high-profile cases but now a local attorney learned his own fate on Friday.

Jaaye Person-Lynn, 38, was sentenced to a year of probation for a courtroom confrontation with deputies in San Bernardino.

But the prominent attorney believes he was treated differently by deputies because of his race.

After sentencing at Rancho Cucamonga Superior courthouse, Person-Lynn spoke about his misdemeanor case that began in January 2019.

“I stand on what I did that day,” he said. “Could I have done it differently? ‘Yes.’ Did it amount to a crime? ‘No.’”

Person-Lynn says after he walked over to the clerk to ask questions about one of his client’s cases and was confronted by a deputy.

Person-Lynn says he had dressed casually because he had stopped by on his day off.

I stand on what I did that day. Could I have done it differently? ‘Yes.’ Did it amount to a crime? ‘No.’

Jaaye Person-Lynn

“He never asked me for an ID,” Person-Lynn said. “He never asked me for a business card. I have no problem showing it. I was attempting to show it.”

In a video of the incident, the deputy is seen pushing Person-Lynn back toward the gallery where the public sits during trials.

“I was not irate,” he said. “I did not escalate. It escalated when deputy Barrie got physical.”

More deputies arrive and Person-Lynn says he Tased and then arrested.

A judge accused Person-Lynn of escalating the situation.

“Deputy Barrie has to respond to your escalation and moving you out of that area and you still attempted to go around him,” the judge said.

Person-Lynn is a well known LA attorney who has been involved in high profile racially charged cases.

In 2016 he represented the family of Wakiesha Wilson who died while in LAPD custody.

“I should not have been pushed,” he said. “I should not have been Tased. I should not have been arrested.”

Person-Lynn says he believes he was treated differently by deputies in San Bernardino County because of his race and what he was wearing. So he is appealing his conviction.


By Richard Moran

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