Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed the biggest electoral college prize on Election Night with a decisive advantage over President Donald Trump in California.

But in the bluest of blue states, you’ll find large pockets of red and vast support for President Trump in some Republican Party strongholds.

This map provides a county-by-county blue-red breakdown of the Golden State. Click on each county to see details, facts and figures.

Live Election Results

Source: AP

As of Thursday, Biden had more than 65 percent of the vote (7.9 million) in California, hauling in the state’s 55 electoral votes. In Los Angeles County alone, Biden had more than 2.3 million votes (72%) — and counting — compared to 889,402 (27%) for Trump. Biden held clear, but less lopsided, advantages in Orange (55%-44%), Riverside (55%-43%), San Bernardino (56%-42%) and Ventura (61%-37%) counties.

President Trump garnered support in Central and Northern California counties, raking in 33 percent of the statewide vote, meaning nearly 4 million of the state’s 22 million registered voters supported his re-election bid.

Note: The figures above are current as of Thursday with an estimated 4,152,232 votes remaining. Election results are certified in California by Dec. 11.

In 2016, Trump ended up with 4.5 million votes in California. That vote total — significant in terms of sheer numbers — gave Trump more votes in California than he had in any other state, except Texas and Florida. Opponent Hillary Clinton finished with more than 8.7 million votes in California.


By Richard Moran

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