A mother of two sets of twins said goodbye to her high school sweetheart and father of their four children after her ex-husband’s life was cut short due to COVID-19 complications, she said.

“I never thought I’d be that person behind the window saying goodbye to someone,” said Elizabeth Campos.

“He went into the hospital on the first of November, and by the 13th his oxygen was being deprived, dropping to the 40s,” she said.

Steven Campos was 39 years old when he went into the hospital diagnosed with COVID-19, which lead to pneumonia.

“His birthday was the 13th and he died the 16th, 3 days after his birthday,” she said.

Elizabeth and Steve’s four kids – two sets of twins, ages 15 and 17 – were there for his last breath, but unable to touch him or even be in the room.

“I think my older two are suffering the most,” Elizabeth said.

“This is not a joke. It’s real, and it hits you more when you lose somebody you love and you wish you could wake up from this nightmare and that’s what I feel like, a nightmare. And I’m like, God, wake me up from it. I’m sorry, you know. But it’s not — it’s real, it’s there.”

The family never found out how Steven got the virus. He and Elizabeth had been divorced for six years, and yet she says he remained the love of her life. He died at Kaiser hospital in Fontana.

Elizabeth works cleaning and sanitizing rooms at Kaiser in Ontario.

“I have my kids sanitize me in the garage before I come in the house,” she said.

“I wear my mask. I keep it with me in my home because I’m scared,” she said.

She witnessed the stories so many families have experienced.

“I’m so paranoid with this. People need to understand these are our loved ones we’re losing,” she said.

Now she has her own, which she says strikes more fear now as the coronavirus cases continue to rise.

“I call my kids all day long because I’m the only thing they have, and I’m so scared to bring this home,” she said.

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Source: Staff reports, NBC News
Credit: Nelson Hsu, Vince Lattanzio / NBC


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