Scottsdale, AZ – Chronic pain hinders an individual’s ability to perform daily activities, lowering their quality of life. Due to its impact, individuals suffering from joint/bone/muscle pain often turn to surgeries and medication to restore mobility or relieve pain. QC Kinetix (Scottsdale), a Scottsdale-based clinic, offers a non-invasive, natural, and less costly solution through regenerative medicine treatments, which allows patients to live uninhibited. 

With the mission of helping patients enjoy a higher quality of life, the specialists at the regenerative medicine Scottsdale clinic utilize the most current natural regenerative therapies to improve pain, decrease inflammation, and repair degenerated tissues. The patient experience at QC Kinetix (Scottsdale) is unparalleled as they provide concierge-level service throughout an individual’s clinical experience. 

Knee replacement, arthroscopic surgery, steroids, and physical therapy are the most common treatments for knee pain, bone on bone osteoarthritis, decreased range of motion, knee cracking/snapping/popping, and torn meniscus/ACL/LCL/MCL. While they’re effective, the alternative therapies offered at the Scottsdale clinic heal/repair cartilage and bone tissue caused by injuries, chronic conditions, or lifestyle choices. 

QC Kinetix (Scottsdale) serves athletes and individuals who lead active lifestyles by providing non-surgical therapies for tennis elbow, torn rotator cuffs, golfer’s elbow, shoulder pain, torn Achilles tendon and more. The regenerative medicine solutions stimulate the injured areas to activate the body’s natural healing capabilities. Additionally, the clinic has alternative therapies for musculoskeletal and joint pain to speed up recovery and lessen inflammation/pain in the low back, fingers, toes, hands, feet, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Patients with chronic degenerative conditions of the shoulders, hips, ankles, wrist, hands, feet, fingers, toes, and other parts of the body can find biologic therapies at QC Kinetix (Scottsdale). The specialists use natural treatment protocols to provide long-term relief from arthritic pain. Before each treatment, a patient goes through an extensive examination of their condition and health history to determine the most effective non-invasive treatment to achieve their overall health goals. 

Ultimately, the goal of QC Kinetix (Scottsdale) is to provide customized regenerative medicine solutions that allow patients to return to living full lives. The specialists also educate and empower patients on their conditions, the treatment options they may qualify for, and what to do between visits. 

To learn more about regenerative medicine in Scottsdale, call (602) 837-7246 to schedule a consultation. QC Kinetix (Scottsdale) is located at 9220 E Mountain View Rd, #210, Scottsdale, AZ, 85258, US. For any inquiries about the services they provide, visit the clinic’s website. 

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