Louisville, CO: QC Kinetix (Superior) offers personalized regenerative medicine to patients suffering from pain due to everyday causes, sports injuries and old age. The orthopedic and pain specialists first evaluate the patient’s case to understand the extent of their symptoms before recommending a personalized treatment. The non-invasive therapy recommended by the experts aims at relieving the pain using a combination of treatment that often allows patients to avoid surgery. If the pain affects the quality of patient life, the treatment offers long-term results to improve their quality of life. 

QC Kinetix (Superior) also offers regenerative treatments to patients with sports and other physical activity injuries who want a non-invasive solution to their pain. The specialists provide combined biological therapies if they have symptoms such as severe pain in the hands, fingers, feet, wrists, ankles, lower back, elbows, and shoulders. Besides assisting the patient in healing from the pain caused by injuries and ensuring the healed joints do not affect their performance due to recurring pain, the combined treatment assists the body to heal faster in the future, especially considering athletes are prone to injuries. 

QC Kinetix (Superior) also offers non-surgical alternatives to patients with knee pain, whether the pain is due to sports or other causes. Because patients have a varying level of pain due to knee injury, the specialist first evaluates them before recommending the appropriate course of treatment. The alternative treatment recommended by the specialist, based on the evaluation, reduces inflammation, joint stiffness, and the need for pain medications. Also, the specialists recommend alternative therapies to assist the patient in improving flexibility and mobility, whether they are athletes or need to regain the freedom to do normal chores without pain. For patients that knee pain is affecting their sleep, regenerative medicine is ideal in assisting them in regaining normal sleep. 

The regenerative medicine Louisville, CO clinic also offers personalized treatments to patients suffering from arthritis pain. Before the treatment, the specialists diagnose the issue and check whether the patient has inflammation around the joints, warm red skin on the painful area, muscle weakness, and restricted movement in the legs and arms. Based on the assessment results, the patient gets a personalized combination of regenerative treatment to relieve the pain and achieve long-lasting results. If the patient plays sports, the specialists ensure the combined natural pain treatment assists them in the long term.

Patients interested in a tailored regenerative medical plan can contact the clinic at (303) 900-8986. QC Kinetix (Superior) is located at 80 Health Park Drive, Suite 230, Louisville, CO, 80027. Visit the clinic’s website for more information.

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