Warwick, RI: Regenerative medicine is becoming popular for pain treatment at QC Kinetix (Warwick) as it helps athletes with chronic pain and sports injuries achieve full recovery. To attain the desired treatment goals, the pain control clinic combines biologic substances and light therapy to coax the body’s natural healing properties. QC Kinetix (Warwick) sports medicine Warwick Warwick sports medicine doctors use the same approach to subdue pain and speed up healing. At the end of the treatment, the athletes should be able to maintain the same exercise schedule and fitness levels as they once did.  

When administering treatment, the pain control clinic goes beyond the symptoms of the disease to treat the root cause of chronic pain or sports injuries. Athletes and other patients can expect only the latest natural regenerative therapies to ease inflammation, improve pain, and repair degenerated tissues. QC Kinetix (Warwick) operates under the umbrella of the fast-growing QC Kinetix regenerative medical clinic franchise.

The board-certified physicians at QC Kinetix (Warwick) only recommend treatment after establishing its veracity or suitability. A big part of the decision is made after meeting the patients and performing relevant testing. All questions and concerns about regenerative medicine will be answered during the one-on-one sessions with an experienced in-house doctor. The biologic therapies target foot, arm, back, shoulder, hip, wrist, knee pain and more. Patients can visit the clinic’s website to check out their hours of operation.

The lead physician at the pain control clinic is Dr. Joyce M. Martin, DC, APRN. Her focus areas include Regenerative Medicine, Family medicine, Integrated Nutrition, Aesthetics, and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement. Dr. Joyce has decades of experience working with musculoskeletal and joint pain patients. She studied at the University of Rhode Island for her Master of Science in Nursing and holds Advanced Practice Registered Nurse certification, which allows her to practice in Maine, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. 

With Warwick sports medicine, QC Kinetix (Warwick) has come to the aid of many people suffering from back pain. A lot of people experience back pain. It could be a result of poor posture or heavy lifting. No matter the cause, the treatment providers at the clinic can curate a unique treatment plan for each patient’s condition. The natural treatments will help the patient enjoy a higher quality of life with long-term pain relief. 

In addition to their reliability in relieving pain, the natural regenerative treatment solutions administered at QC Kinetix (Warwick) pain control clinic are safe. They are linked to minimal side effects like minor bruising, bleeding, and local soreness compared to surgery which, besides being invasive, is also a costlier option.

To speak to a QC Kinetix (Warwick) medical team member, call (401) 310- 0997. The pain control clinic is located at 400 Bald Hill Road Warwick Medical Building – 2nd Floor, Warwick, Rhode Island, 02886. First-hand video testimonials from patients who have recovered or are undergoing treatment are accessible on the website at https://qckinetix.com/providence/warwick-ri/.

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