Lititz, PA – ScoliSMART has announced its Scoliosis treatment Bootcamp designed for people who suffer from the condition. The Bootcamp offers participants a chance to enjoy the effective, research-backed, unique, and non-invasive yet comprehensive scoliosis treatment program offered by the team at ScoliSMART. During the Bootcamp, participants will get a chance to jumpstart rapid curve reduction, enjoy the advantages of self-empowering rehab programs, experience the benefits of verified in-treatment X-Ray results, and take advantage of daily home rehab programs for long-term solutions.

The Scolismart Bootcamp, a solution for those searching for scoliosis treatment near me, is a 5 or 10-day program for curves over 25-degrees. The spokesperson for the professionals noted that the program has a reputation for an average curve reduction of between 9 and 15-degrees. In addition, kids can actively take part in the Bootcamp and the scoliosis treatment offered. The professionals, during the Bootcamp, monitor each participant and use X-ray improvements to encourage and create confidence. During the Bootcamp, participants will also have access to a comprehensive program of exercises for scoliosis to retrain their muscles and brain to learn how to work together without pain or exhaustion.

People who have been searching for how to cure scoliosis can take advantage of this comprehensive program which offers DNA and Neurotransmitter testing, an accelerated in-office program to jumpstart home scoliosis exercise routine, and an innovative ScoliSMART activity suit. Describing their ScoliSMART activity suit which is unlike scoliosis braces, the spokesperson said: “The patent-pending ScoliSMART Activity Suit is lightweight neoprene support that works with your body’s natural movements, creating new muscle memory while actively reducing and stabilizing adult scoliosis. Unlike rigid scoliosis braces, the ScoliSMART Activity Suit has been designed through advanced engineering and human biomechanical analysis in order to stimulate and engage deep-layer spinal muscles while you perform the normal activities of daily living.”

With the Activity suit, patients get a chance to enjoy personal scoliosis rehab using natural walking motion as well as a lightweight and comfortable suit that is to be used only a few hours a day. The activity suit is used in coordination with the Scoliosis Bootcamp program for patients under the age of 18 and encourages core strength, spinal muscle coordination, and new posture memory.

Schedule a no-cost phone consultation to speak to the professionals at ScoliSMART today. Visit their website, call 717-627-3009, or visit the office at 504 W. Orange Street, Lititz, Pennsylvania 17543 United States for more help.

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