Health brand HYPERELEON’s high-phenolic extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) range is now the most awarded in history, having won more than fifty-nine awards across multiple continents. Accolades include High Phenolic World Champion (Gold Ultra), Gold for Healthy Biophenols Composition (Gold Ultra), and Best of Polyphenols (Platinum Award). 

According to the brand, “just 12-18ml of HYPERELEON daily is enough to start feeling great. HYPERELEON is simple to include in your diet, delivering a priceless, natural polyphenol blend.”

Polyphenols in HYPERLEON may improve cholesterol and blood pressure regulation, support the immune system, protect against cardiovascular disease, and improve allergy symptoms. They may also combat high blood sugar levels, protect the sensitive lining of the digestive tract, reduce inflammation throughout the body and protect the nervous system, according to research. 

Active polyphenols in the product include oleocanthal, oleacein, tyrosol, oleuropein, and ligstroside. “The intricate and extremely beneficial compounds,” the brand says, “are the secret to laser-targeting and reversing ailments naturally.”

HYPERELEON’s exceptional nutritional qualities come from the way it is made. It is a superior olive oil, derived directly from olives solely by mechanical means. The G-Team harvests early, uses cold extraction methods to preserve the accompanying plant compounds, and does not filter the residue. The result is a complex, almost spicy EVOO that offers a distinct taste from any other product on the market. 

The high phenolic olive oil brand is keen to point out that HYPERELEON is primarily geared towards health-conscious consumers, not those looking for just a regular cooking oil. “HYPERELEON is primarily designed for nutrition support,” said a brand spokesperson. “Customers looking for a product for recipes typically choose our Nutri Edition which has a different formulation.”

The olives that go into making the EVOO are mainly of the Olympia Variety, grown in traditional mountainous Greek olive groves, cultivated according to the principles of biodynamic organic cultivation, in balanced ecosystems using organic fertilizers. To maximize the oil’s health benefits, HYPERELEON performs regular crop rotation, and supports the microbiome of the soil with green manure. To comply with international quality assurance standards, the G-Team regularly performs in-house sample analysis to confirm the purity and authenticity of its products. 

HYPERELEON is not a pharmaceutical product or a supplement. “We are committed to working in harmony with nature to deliver all-natural products that preserve Mother Earth’s healing powers,” the brand says. 

For more information about HYPERELEON and the scientific evidence backing up the brand’s claims, please visit To contact the brand directly, call at +302715005035 or email 

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By Arlene Huff

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